Clock Repair

We perform expert clock repair for the Orange County and Los Angeles area.  We also perform case restoration and repair.  We have over 75 years of experience in clock repair.  We repair mantel clocks, wall clocks, floor clocks, both new and antique.  Receive a free estimate when you bring your clock in for repair.

What we do at The Clock Man

We are kind of clock geniuses.  Below is a quick guide to clock repair and a generic example of a standard clock repair performed at our shop.

Your clock looks something like this (basically):

All mechanical clocks have an average life span of 20 to 25 years.  This a bell curve average; there are mechanical clocks that have shorter life spans and some clocks have longer life spans.  Mechanical clocks wear out because the clock is composed of moving parts that move all day, every day.  Over time, the clock simply wears out, kind of like a car.

That's where we come in.

We take your clock and disassemble it.  It will look something like this:

This is where the real clock repair work really begins.

These are bushings

There are many pivots, bushings, gears, and springs inside of your clock.

Grandfather Clock


Antique Clock


In many cases we drill out the bushings on your clock because they have become oval or misshapen.  When this happens, a clock will no longer run.  We replace the bad bushing with brand new, bronze bushings.  We use bronze bushings because they are better than brass bushings.

This is a pivot

Pivots rotate inside bushings.  Over time, pivots become scratched and uneven.  We polish pivots on a lathe so they are perfectly smooth again.  This allows the clock to run smoothly again.

This is a gear, and the notches in the gear are called teeth

Sometimes gears are broken or teeth are missing.  We then have to manufacture a new gear to fit your clock.

We put your clock back together the way it was originally

We oil and adjust your clock.  Sometimes, grease is required (grease is pictured on the left, oil is on the right).

Oil and grease help to lubricate the bushings an pivots.  This allows the clock to run smoothly, reduce wear, and elongate the life of your clock.  The concept is similar to the oil in your car.

Your clock is tested for at least one week.  This is to make sure your clock is running properly.

This step requires an intimate knowledge of each type of clock that only proper experience can provide.  We have that type of experience and knowledge.

One week is a standard test because most clocks have an 8-day wind cycle.  Clocks that require winding every day or  even as little as once a month or once a year exist, but are less common.  If your clock makes it through a whole wind cycle, then it is time for your clock to go back home!

We are lot like clock geniuses.  We stand behind our work with a one or two year warranty on qualifying repairs.  Receive a free estimate for clock repair in our shop today!

Success! You're clock is repaired

Clock Brands We Repair:




Bailey, Banks, & Biddle

Birge and Fuller




E. Howard and Company

Eli Terry



Gustav Becker



Howard Miller





Le Coultre Atmos


New Haven







Standard Electric time





Clock Types We Repair:

American Clocks

Anniversary Clocks

Antique Clocks

Battery Operated Clocks

Chiming Clocks

Cuckoo Clocks

Desk Clocks

English Clocks

European Clocks

Floor Clocks

French Clocks

Fusee Clocks

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