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Q: My grandfather clock is keeping good time, but the chimes sound really slow or don't chime at all any more.

A: This is very common.  This means that your grandfather clock is beginning to wear out and is in need of a service call and a rebuild in the future.  The first symptom of a grandfather clock wearing is the chimes not working properly because the weight that powers the chimes in a floor clock is actually a little heavier than the other weights on the clock.  This causes the bushings on chime side of the clock to wear down a little bit faster than the other bushings.

We Make Housecalls! Service Your Grandfather Clock Your Home!

We make housecalls for Floor/Grandfather clocks and very large, mechanical wall clocks. We offer free in store estimates for any other type of clock you may have, battery operated or mechanical, new or antique.

We perform a service call: we oil and adjust your grandfather clock. This service should be performed every 3 to 5 years to ensure your clock functions properly and has a long life.

The average grandfather clock runs about 20 to 25 years.  After this time period a service call might not be able to get your grandfather clock in working order.  In these instances, the clock must come into our shop for repair.  We only bring the grandfather clock mechanism in; we leave the case in your home.

Q: My grandfather clock is running great, but the hour strike is consistently off a certain number of hours.  For example, the clock reads 1 o'clock, but the clock chimes like it is 2 o'clock.  Then an hour later when the clock reads 2 o'clock it chimes like it is 3 o'clock, and so on and so forth.

Q: I have inherited or recently my grandfather clock and am unsure of how to properly set it up.

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A: No problem.  We set up every kind of grandfather clock, from brand new to centuries old every day.  We also provide the clock servicing while we set the clock up for you.

Q: I have a Tempus Fugit brand grandfather clock.  Does The Clock Man service this brand?

A: Tempus Fugit actually just means 'Time Flies' in Latin.  This is a very common inscription on the dial of a clock.  This is not a brand name, however, and the brand name of a clock is often on the very back of the clock or is on the inside of the front door of the clock.  If you open the door the name or logo of the maker of the clock should be somewhere on the inside of the door.  And, yes, we do service any clock with the phrase 'Tempus Fugit' on the dial.