The Clock Man - Tick Tock Times

Here at The Clock Man we are constantly working on clocks and watches. With over 250 clocks and watches in for repair at any given time we are always working to finish repairing our customer's clocks and watches. This page is dedicated to events that are happening around our shop that interest us and hopefully you too. Take a look and see what is happening around our shop!

Check out our new time lapse video of a day in the life at The Clock Man

This video was shot over the course of one day and features our clock and watchmakers going through their normal daily routine.  We had blast making the footage and hope you enjoy it, too!  Thanks to Video Resources for the great time and the great video!

Enjoy the Rhythmic Motion of The Grasshopper, by Comitti of London at The Clock Man

This special clock is a tribute to the world's first ship's clock, originally designed by John Harrison in the 18th century. Most clocks will not run on a boat due to the rocking motion created by waves. This inhibited sea captains from calculating their longitude (the long lines running north and south on the globe) accurately. This created many navigational problems and the British parliament offered a reward of £20,000 for anyone who could come up with a clock that ran on a ship.  The clock you see in the video below is a beautiful, skeletonized ship's clock that has a wonderful rhythmic motion.  Customers often stare at the simple beauty of this piece while they are waiting for simple repairs to be finished.


We are the only authorized dealers for Comitti of London clocks on the entire West Coast! Come in and check this clock out!